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Hi there! I'm glad you found the way to our blog.

-On this blog, I'll tell you something about us - Talking Circles. No, not the way you think!

I'm not telling you what we do or what services we provide. (If you want to get to know more about that, you're very welcome to visit our brand-new website.) Our blog will be way more personal. You'll get some sneak peeks into our projects, I'll share 'behind the scene'-moments with you and - of course - we'll share some tips and tricks about corporate communications.

But first... let me take a selfie!

And again: not the way you think! But I guess you'd like to know who's writing to you, right?

My name is Désirée and at Talking Circles, I'm account manager and social media consultant. And most important of all: I'm fascinated by corporate communications in all its facets! And that's why we're here. (You'd like to meet our team? Please, have a look on our site!)

Why this blog?

Websites, Facebook, Twitter,... these are all amazing tools to communicate with clients, suppliers, employees and prospects. But we want to tell you more about our work, we want to share our stories to hopefully inspire you, give you new ideas, and - first of all - share our passion for corporate communications with you.

Why in English?

We're an agency for multilingual corporate communications. That implies that we work with many different nationalities and in many different languages. For us, English was the most logical choice to maintain our blog on a regular basis and in a way that most people understand.

The topics

The choice of topics will depend on what projects we're working on and which themes seem to be relevant at a certain time.

You'd like to read a blogpost about a specific subject? Or do you prefer to have some extra information about an issue personally? Just let me know, I'll be happy to help you!

And now... sit back and enjoy reading!

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